What Should You Wear: Spikeless or Cleated Golf Shoes?

Golf ShoesSo how do you choose between the versatility and comfort of spikeless golf shoes over the stability and traction of cleated shoes? Spikeless shoes with no replaceable cleats actually comprise barely 10% of golf shoe sales in the previous years. However, this year, spikeless (or what they call hybrid) shoes are projected to comprise 1/3 of the total golf shoe sales. Question is, will the spikeless shoes make cleated shoes obsolete just how cleats made metal spikes outmoded in the 90s?

The versatility of spikeless shoes, as well as their comfortable underfoot base, make them a great choice for golfers today. However, the lateral stability of cleats is also an important factor to consider when buying golf shoes. While these factors can make it harder to decide, you can always go for the one that makes you feel more comfortable and well balanced. Golf requires a lot of focus especially when playing on slopes and challenging courses. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you sure understand how important it is to wear the right pair of shoes when playing golf in your favorite country club.

Choosing the Right Type of Golf Shoe

Various ground conditions during summer and spring greatly affect the player’s performance. Hence, it does make sense to wear the ideal shoes you can count on while getting balance. Molded cleats, traction lugs, and the nubs are popular because of their versatility. You can comfortably wear them on the course no matter the weather. The advancements in technology supported the further development of golf shoes with foam cushioned mid-soles, lightweight uppers, and durable soles. These only mean that the shoes offered today are an excellent investment for those who love golfing.

The more sophisticated grip designs have also improved the overall performance of these shoes. Also, since spikeless shoes come in a wide range of colors, you are guaranteed to find the exact style you want. The less expensive choices in fact help golfers to collect a few designs and wear different shoes when playing in the golf course. Unlike before, manufacturers are offering great prices that everyone can afford. You can check out some websites to help you find the perfect shoes you need.

Unless you are a member of the local golf club in your area or usually play on flat courses, it can be a smart choice to use traditional spiked shoes especially during summer and winter seasons. However, spikeless golf shoes can be an ideal investment in the long run. They are usually more comfortable on firmer grounds while turning round between pairs. It increases the lifespan of shoes as well as their versatility in providing excellent options in the player’s golf wardrobe.

Other Tips in Buying Cleated and Spikeless Shoes

Cleated ShoesThe materials used in manufacturing golfing shoes have different features to offer. It’s important to understand which type can provide the exact features you need. Whether you need the leather, waterproof lining, or synthetic shoes, be sure to do some research before you decide to buy a pair of new shoes. But don’t worry because Rock Bottom Golf can help you find the pair you need to improve your golfing experience. This will secure waterproofing, stability, traction, comfort, and style.

Remember that a nice pair of shoes will help you get to where you want to be. When it comes to golfing, it will support you in balancing, gripping, and making golf swings. All you need to do is check out the features offered and see for yourself. In addition to that, you can also read some online reviews before purchasing. It will guarantee you actual performance while giving you the kind of comfort you truly deserve. After all, you deserve to enjoy your plays and develop better skills in hitting the ball off the tee.



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