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WhereisScot is using all its capacity – contents, resources and all – to feature the whole country of Scotland along with its beautiful culture, history, traditions, music, food, wildlife, and people. Yes, despite its small size,this country has all these treasures packed into its compact territory. What else is there to love about Scotland?

Of course, there’s the core of Scotland: its people, history, culture, economy, and government. The Scottish people are generous, friendly, warm, and fun-loving.Their culture and traditions involve kilts, golf, bagpipes, the Los Nessi, heroines and heroes. Their history is also notable with the birth of Scotland recorded to date back as far as 10,000 BC. They also have a diverse, but tough economy supported by a political and business environment conducive to entrepreneurship and growth.

People will also love the things one can experience in Scotland: drinks, food, fashion, art, literature, music, museums, sports, historical places, and fun activities. What else can this blog feature about Scotland that is not already mentioned?

Facts About Scotland

This blog features all the facts our readers want and need to know about Scotland. All the details and minute information will be provided. It may be more information about history, culture and traditions, or its economy. It could also be a wider take at Scotland’s theater and films, art and design, food and drinks, fashion and textiles, music and literature, architecture, and not to forget, sports.

Travel Tips

WhereisScot also features traveling tips for those planning a trip to Scotland, or for those wanting to go to this country in the future. The blog will give tips on where to start when planning a trip in order to help travelers and tourists organize their preparation. It will provide tips on how to save money when traveling around and going to the country. It will include tips on cheap airfare and accommodation. It will also provide what gears to bring, technology or digital items to use, and which insurance provider to hire. It will also include tips on how to enjoy life while traveling. It will also most certainly, and importantly, provide guides for solo travelers (especially women).

Destination Guide

WhereisScot features destination guides, too. It will include guides on where to go in Scotland, featuring the country’s popular attractions. There are nature reserves, historical places, parks and gardens, museums, arts and cultural places, family attractions, food and drink attractions, scenic places, and the most exciting ones – castles (and the Los Nessa!).

The blog will also include guides on what to do in Scotland, featuring activities for the family, couples only, or solo travelers. Aside from touring, there are outdoor activities including fishing, sailing, island hopping, water sports, horse riding, mountain biking, rugby, and the one this country is famous for: golf. There are also multi-activity centers, flying activities, and country sports.

WhereisScot will also feature Scotland’s famous events, holidays and breaks, and festivals.


WhereisScot features tours to choose from. Guides on choosing the right ones to suit a traveler’s itinerary are also available.

Survival Guide

This blog also features survival guides for getting a visa for traveling to Scotland, the best season to visit the country, how to understand their currency and basic costs, and legal matters to avoid any violations.


For more information, WhereisScot will features books, guides and movies that travelers can bring when visiting Scotland. Government websites, especially for events and specific places, will also be provided. Resources for booking companies, travel insurance, and travel gear will be made available as well.

Plan a Trip

Need help planning a trip to Scotland? Go to WhereisScot.com and get all the best and important information about Scotland today.

The essential information featured here and in this blog aims to give readers the best and most updated information about Scotland. It doesn’t matter whether a traveler is going on a backpacking trip, cruise, island getaway, or a family vacation; these guides will present readers all the things they need so they can travel cheaper, longer, and better.